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OMG a review! 'Toy Story 3' was the funnest time I've had at a movie in ages

That's also because the last movie i went to see (see previous post in this comm) was Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. So it's no wonder that Toy Story 3 was the most fun I had had in forever.

After watching TS3, I really want to re-watch the first two films. Unfortunately, this has me going through a mad search all over my house to find those DVDs. None of us can remember where in the world they are. Awesome.

Anyway! Back to the movie. The movie starts with Andy, still a kid, playing with Woody, Buzz, Rex, and all the other toys. As I was watching this (in 3D no less!), I wondered how Andy is still the little kid we saw in Toy Story in 1995! Just as soon as that thought crossed my mind, the screen faded to black and we were presented with Andy, now 17 years of age, getting ready to move to college. The toys, who haven't been played with for years, are worried they are going to be donated or sold in a garage sale. Andy has other plans. He plans to store them in the attic, minus Woody, but before he can do this, his mother mistakes the bag for trash and puts them out to be picked up. Misadventures ensue and the toys, plus Woody, find themselves being taken to Sunnyside, a local daycare, to be donated.

And there begins the real adventure. The toys are happy to find a place to be played with at the daycare. Woody doesn't like the idea and escapes to return to Andy. And well, I could go on, but that would be ruining the story now wouldn't it?

I'm a big fan of Pixar. The only Pixar films I haven't seen are Cars and Wall-E. Every other one, I have seen and loved. And TS3 was no exception. Watching this movie took me back to my childhood, to when I first watched Toy Story and fell in love with it. I admire and envy the imagination that the Pixar people have. More than that, their films, including TS3, have the ability to bring out the child in us, making us laugh. At the same time, these films tug at my heartstrings like no other. And I love it.

So go watch it. It's definitely worth it. I don't really recommend the 3D thing though. I found the glasses annoying and they gave me a slight headache. I'm sure the movie looks just fine in non-3D.

So my verdict: LOVED it, go watch it. NOW.



June 2010

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